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Boise is Active. When in Boise, do as the locals do: Get outside! The city’s mild, four-season climate and easy access to mountains, rivers, lakes and more make it a haven for those looking to explore beyond the city.

Boise is Unforgettable. Memories are made in moments. In the cheer of a crowd. The fun of experiencing something new. The thrill of something unexpected. That’s what makes Boise – with its unique events, sports and other exhilarating experiences – so extraordinary.

Boise is a great place, but don’t take our word for it … Here’s a sample of what others have said about Boise in the past few years:

  • Best Towns: #1 Overall Town in Western U.S. – Outside Magazine

  • Top Five Healthiest Cities – Men’s Health and Women’s Health

  • #1 Adventure City – National Geographic Adventure

  • #1 Mountain Biking Town – Bike Magazine

  • Top 20 Towns of the Future – Sunset

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Fun Fact

The Boise, Idaho skyline on a sunny day
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Locals pronounce the city's name "boy-see" not "boy-zee."

Basque culture and traditional dress represented in Boise
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Boise has the second-largest Basque population in the U.S.

Hot Air Balloon over Asheville, North Carolina
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Fly-fishing on the Logan River
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Snow-capped mountains behind the downtown Boise skyline
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