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Savor the Spice of Life

To get a real sense of the flavor of Kalamazoo, you need to sample the food. With 450 restaurants, 13 craft breweries (and growing opportunities for farm-fresh, locally sourced dining experiences), Kalamazoo is getting a lot of attention for its flavor. The Bank Street Farmer’s Market was ranked #24 of the 101 Best Farmers Markets in the U.S. by the and Sweetwater’s Donuts was named one of the top 33 donut shops in the U.S. by Thrillist.

Crafting Greatness

Michigan is smitten with craft beer, and the love affair started right here in Kalamazoo. Bell’s Brewery is the oldest and largest microbrewery in the state and their beers enjoy a cult-like following around the world. In fact, Bell’s Two Hearted was named the #1 rated India Pale Ale in the world, according to

Want a little beer-venture? Kalamazoo is also home to the Give A Craft Beer Trail, a fun way to explore all the breweries in Kalamazoo County and earn some swag at the end of your trek!

Kalamazoo Beer Week is an unforgettable craft-brew experience. Featuring over 250 events that support the beauty, art and tastes of craft brewing, Kalamazoo Beer Week has captured the attention and palates of beer drinkers everywhere.

Cultivate Your Curiosity

Kalamazoo is home to museums and attractions that are sure to ignite your imagination. For historians or mere fans of history, there’s the Gilmore Car Museum. Housing nearly 400 automobiles in historic buildings on 90 park-like acres, the Gilmore Car Museum is rated one of the top 5 automobile museums in the country.

The Air Zoo was voted the “Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners” by Pure Michigan and brings the wonder of science and aviation to life.

Voted No. 1 in the nation by fellow nature centers, the Kalamazoo Nature Center enables people of all ages to gain new perspectives on the natural world.

Contagious Creativity

Creativity continues to spread among artists and fans of the arts alike in Kalamazoo. Offering 10-live performance theaters, a world-class art museum, numerous schools of art and design, offbeat galleries and a dynamic monthly Art Hop, Kalamazoo is a mecca for the arts. The city is also home to the Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, internationally recognized as the nation’s most prestigious piano festival. Nearly 100 festival events showcase some of the most notable and accomplished pianists and keyboard musicians in the world.

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