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Here, you can not only explore trails through diverse forests and marshlands, but travel quiet waterways by kayak, meet the high seas by charter boat, conquer the boardwalk by beach cruiser or just rule from the comfort of your beach chair. Like the giant bronze likeness of King Neptune at the oceanfront, this is your kingdom to reign as long as you’re here. Live entertainment? Yours for free, every summer night. Delectable dishes? On every menu in town. Rare creatures that are wild and free? Dolphins and whales are regular visitors. Discover what they already know: Virginia Beach is the ideal destination for a relaxing, fun-filled holiday. The classic American seaside vacation is right here on Virginia’s southeast coast, only a 3.5-hour drive from Washington, D.C., and just 15 minutes from Norfolk International Airport.

Fun Fact

Kayaking with bottle nose dolphins off the coast of Virginia Beach
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Virginia Beach has the largest population of bottle nose dolphins on the East Coast.

Fresh oysters paired with wine and stunning views
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The Chesapeake Bay produces almost 500 million pounds of seafood per year.

A spread of fresh seafood at Rockafeller's Restaurant
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There are over 800 restaurants in Virginia Beach.

Hot Air Balloon over Asheville, North Carolina
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