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USA Through Music: Los Angeles, California with Bethany Cosentino
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Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast discusses what makes California so special.

As a California born-and-bred musician, Bethany Cosentino’s love for the West Coast is emulated through her music in the LA rock band, Best Coast. Surrounded by green palm trees, vast mountains and gorgeous beaches, there’s nowhere else Bethany would rather be.

Known as the West Coast queen of cool, Cosentino has always been inspired by California’s relaxed vibe and diversity of people. Born with a mic in her hand, the warmth and beauty of California has always been ingrained in her DNA and lyrics.

In 2009, Best Coast formed between Cosentino and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno. The aesthetic of the band has always been “California-centric”. Cosentino believes that everyone in LA is making some form of art in some way - yet it’s the music and beautiful scenery that really grounds you. When choosing the name for her chart topping band, Cosentino wanted a name that represented the way she felt about the West Coast. After spending time at college in New York, Cosentino knew on her return that California was the best coast.

One of Best Coast’s most famous songs, California Nights depicts the magical and mystical feel once the sun sets in California. From the twinkling lights on Sunset Boulevard to the purple haze that fills the sky, it’s a dreamy place to be.

Cosentino recalls Los Angeles and California as a progressive place that welcomes diversity and encourages you to speak up and be yourself, whoever you are. Whether you want to get up and go hike, surf, or explore - California will make you feel alive.

The sun sets over the pier outside Los Angeles, California.

The sun sets over the pier outside Los Angeles, California.
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