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International Car Forest
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Graffiti, cars, and religion combine to create this jungle of scrap in the Nevada desert.

The International Car Forest of the Last Church is the dream project of two Nevada artists. This church looks more akin to a druidic henge of junkers than any Christian chapel. The product of artists Chad Sorg and Mark Rippie, the Car Forest began when Sorg saw just a seed of the project. As he was driving through Goldfield, Nevada, Sorg saw a car standing on its nose in the sand. Intrigued, the artist found that it was the work of Rippie and by 2011, Sorg had moved to the city to help Rippie expand their "forest."

Today, over 40 automobiles including cars, trucks, and vans have been balanced delicately on their ends or stacked on top one of another, looking like a group of toys some giant child simply left lying around. Each of the junked cars has also been uniquely painted with designs varying from skulls to caricatures of politicians.

There is no sign explaining or naming the work, but its official name—the International Car Forest of the Last Church—was given to it by Rippie based on his religious belief that eschews organized religion. Unfortunately, the two artists no longer work together after an angry falling out at a party. However, the forest still stands and will likely outlast those who planted it.