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Collage of stills from GoUSA TV series
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Travel Puzzles

Love a challenge? Try these digital puzzles

Enjoy the diverse scenery of the United States in a new way – with puzzles! Construct your very own artwork below.


California POP Puzzle

See the sights with two friends on a quirky California road trip experience, as they discover pop culture landmarks of the USA. Try your luck at uncovering this quirky photo op from Confusion Hill, a roadside attraction near Mendocino, California. For more on the GoUSA TV original series California Pop, click here.

Americanos Puzzle

See the LatinX cultures brought to life in the GoUSA TV series, Americanos. Enjoy this iconic scenery from a modern-day Charreria at the Rancho Tres Potrancas in Austin, Texas. For more on Americanos, click here!

Trails & Trailblazers Puzzle

Join pilot Ariel Tweto and astronaut John Herrington as they journey across the USA to unexpected places, meeting a variety of ifferent kinds of trailblazers along the way. This puzzles captures a reenactment of a historic moment featuring the trailblazer Sacagawea of the Lemhi Shoshone tribe. Watch the GoUSA TV original series Trails & Trailblazers, here. For more related fun, see the full length IMAX film Into Nature's Wild.

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Kayaking near New Orleans, Louisiana
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